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Faces and Places Magazine is direct mailed to the most successful homes right in your market area.  These readers are established homeowners and have disposable income…the premier target audience for your products or services.   And they’re all located within easy driving range of your business.   Our focus is to introduce you and your business to this dynamic demographic audience.

Our distribution:  The BEST of Both Worlds! Our distribution is direct to our readers, each and every month, mailed and certified to the home by the United States Postal Service.  Magazines in the home have more than one reader and have a longer shelf life than newspapers and publications picked up from racks.  Direct Mail cost us more…but is by far the most effective distribution and the only means to truly audit circulation. You know the number and kind of households your ads are reaching, upfront.

We NOW also reach an additional 15,000 Facebook Users in your local area to engage with your business. Direct Mail + Facebook = The BEST of Both Worlds when it comes to getting your business message out to the readers!

Our format:   Our format is intentionally informal.   The objective is for our readers to get to know your business and you.  In this day of impersonal service, buyers want to do business with the people and businesses they’re familiar with and trust.  And they prefer to do business with someone locally. If you are a talented and creative business owner or entrepreneur, the chances are you’re struggling to attract enough ideal clients and build your business. Let us make a positive change in your business today, by spreading the word on BOTH Facebook & Faces and Places Magazine!

Every successful person and every successful business has an amazing story. We always remember the story right. You too have a story that is the key to attracting clients, making money in your business and creating the kind of connection with your community that you really want. At Faces and Places Magazine, we know the power of your story and our writers are completely committed to helping you find your powerful story so that you can get the results that you imagined when you started your business.

Our track record:   Faces and Places Magazine is part of the PowerComm family of publications…which has produced and mailed over 16 million magazines over the past 20 years and has other successful publications in Lake Travis and Greater Houston. Compare our rates, our distribution and our quality and you’ll understand why Faces and Places Magazine is the smart choice for your advertising dollar. It’s the place where buyers meet you and your business.